It's Monday, What Are You Reading? [April 4, 2016]

It's Monday, What Are You Reading? [April 4, 2016]

Monday, April 4, 2016

I almost wasn't going to post anything today, because I just hadn't been reading. I haven't even tried to read anything since A Guide to Being Born. I'm still at a point where my virtual farming tasks in Stardew Valley are very very important (really struggling to catch a pufferfish right now, IF YOU WERE WONDERING). And it doesn't help that I have a little bit of a weirdathon hangover. But last night I decided to try a little something called "reading before bed" and it went really really well!

Oh, and Camp Nanowrimo started! I haven't actually written anything yet (I'm writing more of a novel I started in November), but I've been listening to a bunch of paranormal podcasts as research. So yeah I'm in a weird state of mind right now. Do not even start with me about conspiracies. If you're doing Camp Nanowrimo too and don't have a cabin, there's some room in mine! So let me know if you want to join!


  • A Guide to Being Born by Ramona Ausubel


I knew I needed something a little different, so I decided to try out some nonfiction I was curious about. Post-Making a Murderer, I'm a little interested in true crime again. The Long Shadow of Small Ghosts by Laura Tillman is about a man and woman who murdered their three children in Texas. But more than that, it's about a town in poverty, class in America, and the other conditions that could've lead to this horrible act. It has a blurb from Jesmyn Ward on the back, so I'm pretty confident that this book won't be typical true crime. I'm fascinated already. This book comes out tomorrow from Scribner.

What are you reading this week?



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