10 Bookstagrammers To Follow

10 Bookstagrammers To Follow

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Don't know where to start with #bookstagram? Here are 10 bookish accounts to follow on Instagram!

I'm kind of obsessed with Instagram. Who I follow is pretty much evenly split between book photography and travel photography, with a sprinkling of knitting and "friends" from "real life." I wanted to give a few shout outs to some of my favorite accounts. If you don't follow anybody on #bookstagram, here's where you should start!

1. // Such beautiful photos, I can't even handle it.

2. // Warm, rustic vibes throughout the whole account.

3. // Viktoria's account IS my aesthetic (minus the spooky). All of the photos are beautiful and woodsy.

4. // All of her photos are great. ALL OF THEM.

A photo posted by books (@triinbooks) on

5. // Interesting books and frequent cameo appearances from a pretty cat.

6. // Minimalism. Lovely, lovely minimalism.

A photo posted by @bey.86 on

7. // Some more minimalism. This bookstagrammer manages to make library books pretty (a constant struggle for me). Plus she likes Rat Queens AND Miranda July. SWOON.

A photo posted by N // SG (@booksmeow) on

8. // Soothing and monochromatic.

A photo posted by Camilla (@camalierojas) on

9. // Her taste is pretty much my taste. If you look through her non-bookish photos, you'll also see that Mallory's a spooky gal like myself.

10. // Here's another bookstagrammer who has a lot of taste overlap with myself (HER PROF PIC IS ALEXANDRA KLEEMAN'S BOOK).

11. // And if you don't follow me yet, be sure to check out my account!

Who are your favorite bookstagrammers?


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