Weirdathon Reading Update & Link Up: Wrap Up

Weirdathon Reading Update & Link Up: Wrap Up

Saturday, April 2, 2016

It's over, gang! And I promise this is the final, final weirdathon post. This event was so much more successful than I had ever dreamed and I'm delighted that so many people wanted to read weird books with me for a month. Thank you all so much for participating and sharing your book recommendations and updates. It's been so much fun and you have no idea how much your enthusiasm means to me!! How about next year; same time, same place?

I read very very little this final week, but I'm pretty pleased to have read 10 weird books. Some new, some that have been on my shelf for quite a while.

A Guide to Being Born by Ramona Ausubel

One Day Soon Time Will Have No Place Left to Hide by Christian Kiefer
The Vegetarian by Han Kang
Mislaid by Nell Zink
The Woods, Vol. 3 by James Tynion IV
The Three by Sarah Lotz
Songs of a Dead Dreamer by Thomas Ligotti
The Ice Twins by S.K. Tremayne
The Passion According to G.H. by Clarice Lispector
Three Scenarios in Which Hana Sasaki Grows a Tail by Kelly Luce
A Guide to Being Born by Ramona Ausubel

Add your link to your final update below! Also feel free to add any full reviews you did of weird books you read for the Weirdathon! I LOVE YOU ALL.


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