Ten Bookish Resolutions for 2016

Ten Bookish Resolutions for 2016

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Broke and the Bookish runs this business.

I'm typically not one to make resolutions, but at the same time I obsessively reflect on each year via an extensive question answering session and kind of evaluate what changes I want to make. And looking at my 2015 reading stats, it's hard not to think of some goals I'd like to set for myself.


1. // Take notes as I read. I created a new little book notebook for myself this year and I'm super psyched to use it. When I review books I sometimes forget the very important thoughts I had about them so like... why not write them down as I have them?

2. // Try to read 1 nonfiction book a month. I normally avoid nonfiction (excluding memoirs) like the plague, because I'm so slow at reading them and worse at finishing them. But in December I read The Hunt for Vulcan and remembered that I love learning stuff.

3. // Only buy 4 books a month! If you saw my 2015 stats, you learned that I acquired an appalling 187 books last year. Granted, I only bought 74 of them, but that is still FAR too many. I hardly read any of them! It's going to be hard not to buy books considering I work at a bookstore, but I think I can control myself if I'm actively thinking about it.

4. // Only put 3 books on hold a month. I read a shit ton of library books in 2015, but I also had a shit ton of library due date anxiety. I still have 20-something library books that I'm trying to work through. I just need to be less of a holds monster.

5. // DNF more books. Because I get really salty when I'm hate reading.

6. // Read comics the week I get them. The stack of unread single issue comics I have right now is pretty impressive. But it needs to go.

7. // KEEP IT WEIRD. So often I force myself into reading books that aren't super thrilling to me just because they're critically acclaimed. I love literary fiction, I love humans doing human stuff, I love beautiful writing just for the sake of beautiful writing. But I love that WITH some dark, bizarre shit thrown in. Need to stay true to myself and keep it weird. Because those are the kinds of books that get me out of slumps.


8. // Get back into a commenting habit. My schedule being different every week has really thrown off the schedule I used to have for myself with blog reading and commenting. It even threw off commenting on my own posts. I'm working on it!

9. // Write posts a week before posting them. This may be shocking, but I often write posts the night before I post them!! Hence any weird non-links or typos. But that stresses me out, so it's going to have to change.

10. // GO TO BEA! It's in Chicago, so I'll be there this year. Tell me if I'll see you there!

What are your bookish resolutions for 2016?


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