New Glasses & Books That Would Look Better With Them

New Glasses & Books That Would Look Better With Them

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Maybe you don't know this about me, but I wear glasses!! Yes, it's true. I need them to see, but I still don't wear them very often. Maybe if I had to read a book from 20 feet away I would, but otherwise my vision is good enough to navigate the world.

But, you know what? Glasses are really extraordinarily cute. Cuter yet?
~*Cheap glasses*~

GlassesShop was kind enough to send me a pair of ~*prescription eyeglasses*~ to try. This was really ideal considering I'm a bookseller now and need to look more bookish and difficult to approach. I went with the Clementine Cat Eye in purple, because I want to be both glam and sassy at the same time. Here they are on my face.

Wow, I look so cool!!!!

I actually love them. Anyway, it really got me thinking, who else is missing out on these super cool glasses and sunglasses? Static images of humans on book covers! I am here to save a few of my favorite book faces with some photoshopped pairs of sassy cat eye glasses. Meow.


This dude is a straight mess, am I right? Let's add a little definition to this hairy situation with a pair of glasses! He still may not have eyes, but he's looking pretty classy to me! The purple complements the green beautifully. He is ready to navigate post-apocalyptic 1060's England in style!

This iconic Great Gatsby face is finally getting the upgrade it needs and deserves! Just try to tell me that the glasses don't class up this cover. JUST TRY.

What was once a very troubled/orgasmic man is now an endlessly stylish librarian who is about to sneeze!! What a pleasant read this will be. Hanya Yanagihara would be proud, I'm sure.

If you also want a nice pair of cheap glasses from GlassesShop, I have a special coupon code just for you! Use code GSHOT50 for 50% off a pair of glasses or sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded).


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