#ReadingMyLibrary: Week One Update

#ReadingMyLibrary: Week One Update

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Oh hey, guys. It's time to update you on my #ReadingMyLibrary Challenge! I went to the library both on Monday AND on Friday. The first time, I grabbed Dendera by Yuya Sato and Hammer Head by Nina MacLaughlin. It was very stressful, because I didn't actually have my library card. The second time I got I Am Sorry to Think I Have Raised a Timid Son by Kent Russell, Karen Russell's brother, and Burial Rites by Hannah Kent. Because I only read books by people with "Kent" in their name.

I totally didn't intend to grab Burial Rites this time. It wasn't in my plan of what to read this month. But I saw it and I was like fuck yeah, why not. And now it's decided that it will be the book for my now THREE person book club with my boss and a coworker. So now I just have to go back at some point to pick up two more copies.

Reading-wise, I've just been chipping away at A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. I want to make some bigger progress with it this week, so I can move on to my other library books (even though I do love being in this very sad Little Life world). 

The challenge for this week is to tell you a little bit about my library. Now I used to go to a huge, monstrous library that was so beautiful. But I moved. So now I go to a modest, two floor library that I'm now very comfortable with. Even though it's small, it's in the Chicago Public Library system, so I can pretty much get whatever book I want. And I regularly suggest books for them to buy that they actually listen to!

The first floor is mainly children's books, computers, reference, the hold shelves, and a shelf with some new books. That's where the librarians hang out too.

When I'm not just dropping by to grab a hold book, I'm upstairs in the hyper-quiet reading room. That's where all the rows of fiction books are and some cds I think. In the center of the room there are tables for reading and working.

I'm not sure if the librarians recognize me yet, but they really should. I'm there pretty regularly. I just want to be their best friends, but I don't know how to approach them. I'm very intimidated. If you guys have any tips on how to befriend a librarian, please let me know!!

What's your library like?


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