March 2015 Rundown

March 2015 Rundown

Thursday, April 2, 2015

March was an amazing month of books for me. I adored almost everything I read and liked the rest. I've been making a lot more connections with other book bloggers, AND I've been very consistently blogging. Are you impressed? I am.

Chicago's been pretty gross and cold, but when is it not? I'm coping. It's really hard to do homework right after spring break and in the final stretch of my college career. But it's also really hard to care, so it's hardly a problem. Life is beautiful!

What I Did IRL

  1. I went to San Francisco over spring break!! It was so warm and beautiful oh my god. It was great to see my brother again. I'm definitely about this traveling lifestyle. Can I go again?
  2. I also went back to Minnesota. Slightly less nice, because of all the snow. But I was so happy to spend a full week at home with my boyfriend and the love of my life (Pookie the cat). I visited old teachers from my jr. high and high school, saw some old friends, and met my mom's boyfriend. Ok, that last one was kind of awkward.
  3. I had to say goodbye to my cat. His passing definitely threw me off and it took me almost a week to recover. I still miss him even though he was a freak.
  4. I fell behind in reading and then I caught back up again. My cat and spring break definitely fucked with my schedule and I fell behind with a few ARCs. But now I'm back on top of my reading game (mostly). Except I am reading a 700 page book right now and switching between two additional books. So I actually might just be reading these books forever.

Books Read



  1. Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller - Beautiful. Read my review then go buy it/library it/DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO.
  2. The First Bad Man by Miranda July - So funny, so spot on all the time. Miranda July is my hero.
  3. Sweetland by Michael Crummey - So many tears, you guys. So many tears.
  4. The Fever by Megan Abbott - Reading this with M from Backlist Books was so great. We have like almost the exact same reading speed and would chat after each chapter. Great, fast-paced read with substance.
  5. The Sasquatch Hunter's Almanac by Sharma Shields - WEIRD. Sasquatches, lake monsters, enchanted objects. I don't know, I was into it.
  6. Soil by Jamie Kornegay - A man finds a body on his property and thinks he's framed. Decides to dispose of it, and gets crazier and crazier. Very dark and gritty, but very slow. 

My Best Posts in March

And for those who like learning all my deep, dark secrets... 

Books I Plan to Read in April

  1. A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara - I wish I could say I'm halfway through, but I'm not. Good, devastating, yadda yadda.
  2. The Last Flight of Poxl West by Daniel Torday - Gotta FINISH THIS SHIT. But like it's actually pretty good. Still intrigued by the Jewish WWII pilot.
  3. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers - Just started reading this with my boss, because he has the authority to boss me around. It's ok so far, but I have so much else to read.
  4. Hausfrau byJill Alexander Essbaum - Because I want to fit in/it sounds really good/it's in my room already.
  5. Dendera by Yuya Sato - Japanese science fiction that fits in with the #ReadingMyLibrary Challenge!
  6. Hammer Head by Nina MacLaughlin - Everyone at BookRiot loves this book about a journalist who decides to learn to be a carpenter because of a Craigslist ad.

Things I'm Looking Forward to in April

  1. Dewey's 24 hour readathon! I've never done this, because the timing is always horrible. The timing is still kind of horrible, BUT I'M DOING IT ANYWAY. Reading for 24 hours sounds like fun, right?
  2. My poetry reading this weekend. But actually I'm horrified, because I don't write poetry and I'm not prepared at all.
  3. My last full month of college WHAT. Does anybody want to hire me?
  4. #ReadingMyLibrary Challenge. I mean I was going to use the library anyway, so why not dedicate a month to it?
  5. Trying out a book club again. We'll see if I actually go through with it.



Happy April, everyone! Does your spring feel like spring yet? Tell me about your plans for this month! And how many books you read last month!



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