It's Monday, What Are You Reading? [July 4, 2016]

It's Monday, What Are You Reading? [July 4, 2016]

Monday, July 4, 2016

Hello! I am back now from an anniversary camping trip I took. I hope you like photos, because I've got photos.

The park we visited was absolutely beautiful. I bum out a lot about how flat and boring Minnesota is, but Southern Minnesota almost completely makes up for it. I climbed up to a lot of very high places and my legs were always sore. It was GREAT. Until a raccoon ate all of our food and stole our tupperware. Oh well.

While camping, I finished up The Disappearance at Devil's Rock by Paul Tremblay (review coming this week) and started The Last One by Alexandra Oliva. It's a thriller of sorts about reality tv, so obviously I'm there.

One more thing we need to talk about... The Gamification of My Life. It's a full blown thing at this point. To Shaina's recommendation, I started using Habitica with a bunch of other bookish ladies. Habitica is an amazing app/website that helps you form habits and get shit done, and it's also an RPG. You level up and collect virtual pets (my fave, of course) and complete quests, etc. It's really helping me figure out what's important and actually do those things. One of my goals for this week is figuring out consistent days to blog so I'll actually have regular posts again. YES!

The gamification doesn't stop there, however. From a friend, I heard about the MN DNR Passport Club. I resisted for a while, but I finally had to sign up. For $15 I got a passport and a travel log. At each MN state park I visit, I get my shit stamped and eventually once I have enough stamps I get a free night of camping and a pin! If I hit like 70+ parks, I get a plaque or something. It's wildly dorky, but I'm so so charmed. Of course, my immediate reaction is to feel overwhelming regret about each specific park I could've gotten stamped had I gotten the passport earlier. It's like a video montage in my head of my great adventures in nature and what a waste they were. And it won't stop. Typical.

  • The Disappearance at Devil's Rock by Paul Tremblay


I've been trying to catch up on books that were published very recently or that are coming out very soon, but I couldn't help myself from bringing a mid-July release, The Last One by Alexandra Oliva, on my camping trip. Again, it's about a woman named Zoo on a survival reality TV show. There are a bunch of challenges set up for them as they're pretty much alone trying to survive in a forest. Little do they know, some sort of apocalyptic something is happening in the real world. And nobody is around to tell them. I'M OBSESSED WITH THIS CONCEPT. I'm already hooked. #WelcomeToTheWoods

What are you reading this week?



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