How To Get Free Ebooks On Your Android Device

How To Get Free Ebooks On Your Android Device

Friday, April 15, 2016

How To Get Free Ebooks On Your Android Device. Good Ebooks. Legally. Really. :: Outlandish Lit

If you can be patient and put in a minimal amount of work, you can get any ebook you desire without spending money, LEGALLY. This is your no shadiness guarantee. And I'm not just talking about public domain books. I know, it sounds too good to be true.This is a method that I use to hoard ebooks (Will I read them? Who knows) on my Android phone and tablet. Here's what you have to do.

1. Download the app "Google Opinion Rewards." 

It's a small app that every once in a while asks you a 1-5 question multiple choice survey. For each one that you complete, you can get anywhere between .10 and $2.00 or so of Google Play money. It's small amounts of money, but the questions are super easy and take seconds to complete.

I've found that it's most fruitful when you have your location turned on, because it may ask you about a store you went to. I still get questions when it's turned off, but not nearly as frequently.

At first I had no idea what to do with Google Play money, because you can't turn it into real money. Buy apps?? Then I realized the Google Play store sells ebooks! And their reader is pretty nice.

At this point you can either hoard play money until you have enough for a full price ebook. OR you can move onto my next step.

2. Sign up for e-book deal emails!

Here are your best bets:

Book Riot Deals - They highlight one good book pretty much daily. They find the best books.

BookBub - There are a lot of self-published titles, but it's worth looking through every day for the occasional great find that Book Riot misses.

Riffle's Ebook Deals - There's a lot of overlap with BookBub here, but occasionally there's something different.

Now you'll know exactly when a book is on sale for cheap and you'll have enough Google Play Money to snatch it without paying a real cent!


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