What I Did This Fall

What I Did This Fall

Monday, December 22, 2014

It's been a busy time for me this fall. I've noticed a trend of me being really good at freaking the fuck out during fall and scrambling to get my act together, often leaving other things to the wayside.

One thing that hasn't been forgotten, though, is reading! I've actually been doing a lot of it and rating everything on Goodreads, even when I haven't had time to write more about it elsewhere. My goal this year was to read 24 books, and I'm at 43 right now! I'm kind of aiming for 50 before the month is over, but I'm not holding myself to that at all. The holidays are a lot to deal with.

Without further ado, here's what I've been up to this fall (let's call September to now fall, just because that's what it's called in terms of semesters).

What I Did This Fall:

  • Got an internship at an animation studio! I worked there (for free) two days a week 9-5, had class two days a week, and worked the rest of the time. It was horrifying, but I learned so much.
  • Read 20 books. Thank you, daily subway commute.
  • Finished my second to last semester of college with 3 As and a B! I graduate in May.
  • Won National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) for the fourth time in a row! And I actually like this one a lot. It's like LOST meets Bone Clocks meets Blair Witch Project meets Silent House (not by Orhan Pamuk, but the horror movie).
  • Was/continue to be sick for 2.5+ months and STILL didn't fuck everything up.
  • Went to my first book club meeting ever! Post on that experience later.
  • Saw Chuck Klosterman speak at my school! He shared so much incredible information about publishing.
  • Learned Sia's Chandelier dance. Just kidding, I wish I did that. But I did throw my body around on the floor to it in a few public places.

My Plans for 2015:

  • Graduating would be cool.
  •  Finding a way to review books that works for me. I'm going to let myself be more casual and atypical when it comes to writing about the books I read. I think I might try vlogging at some point, too. I love the sound of my own voice, after all.
  • Read 50 books!
  • Read more ebooks. I was good at it for a while, but it's really easy for me to fall into just reading print even when I have great digital books at hand always.
  • Edit my NaNoWriMo novel, "Recollection."

Feels good being in a comfortable enough space to be on the internet again, doing internet things. Tell me what your bookish plans are for the new year!


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