Is Angry Reading a Thing?

Is Angry Reading a Thing?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

I know that angry crying is a thing, and I know that angry sex is a thing, and I know that angry eating is a thing (or is that just me?). But I am angry, and I'm over those activities. I'm having trouble with something else.

What do I read?!

You may have noticed over the past week that I haven't done a lot of blogging. Or maybe you didn't, which is ok too (I guess). Anyway, this is because my roommate is an insane person and I am constantly walking on eggshells around her. It is exhausting and this exhaustion is permeating all realms of my life. She got dumped, so I understand her being miserable and I feel for her. Hell, I gave her all the ice cream I could ever dream of drowning my sorrows in. I got that cherry garcia for days.

The problem is that she is treating me like an emotional punching bag and also being crazy rude to the realtors that are showing our apartment, often not letting them into her room at all when they are here with clients. After not letting them in and not being embarrassed by her behavior around real humans, she then screams at me as if it is my choice that they are here or I have any control over it. Ok, venting over. I'm not good with conflict and drama at all. I avoid it like I avoid the sun. It's just nonsense and anything can set her off, which has left me tense. But I'm not just tense anymore, I'm genuinely mad and it's hard not to think about it CONSTANTLY.

Normally reading is an activity I do that takes me elsewhere. But I keep trying to pick up different things that I would normally love, and I just can't get into them at all! It seems like reading would be a nice, calming experience. I can't think of a less angry place than a library. I just don't know if calming is something I want right now.

Should I be reading angsty books? Would that be the only thing suiting right now? I don't even know if I'm sure what those would be. Maybe I should read something funny, like a book of essays. Should I be reading books about murder? That might do more harm than good, but who can say (This is a joke. Let me make it very clear that this is a joke.) A horror novel might be a good time, though.

So I'm reaching out to anybody here. Do you angry read? What kind of books do you read when you're angry? Do I add fuel to the fire or try harder to stamp out the fire with words? I didn't mean to allude to book burning, it just kind of happened. I'll go alert my roommate of my wrongdoing so she can yell at me some more, BYE.

I need a drink.


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