The Month-long Weirdathon Begins & The Achievements

The Month-long Weirdathon Begins & The Achievements

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

IT'S HERE! March, the month of my three year blogiversary, is here and I'm SO ready to celebrate with the Weirdathon! Keep coming back to this page to update your progress on the reading achievements in the Rafflecopter. Every Wednesday there will be a new Weekly Weird-off post. And every Saturday I'll post a link-up for your weekly Weirdathon reading posts! Keep us up to date on what you're reading and have fun!! I'll be posting my reviews and lists of weird books throughout the month.


Read as many weird books as you can during March! Once you're signed up you can enter the Rafflecopter below to win a book worth $15 USD or under from Book Depository, as long as you're in a country that gets free shipping. You will then reveal 14 achievements to help guide your reading and give you extra entries in the giveaway! You can't use one book for more than one of the achievements (other than the read 1, read 5, read 10 achievements). So if you read a book that had aliens AND an experimental format, you'll have to choose one achievement to use that book on. Still looking for books to read? Click here to see my lists of weird books.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


If you're an Instagram lover, now is the time to start hunting for the weirdest book covers you can find. Take a lovely/bizarre photo of what you find, tag it with #weirdathon, and they'll be entered for judging (by me because I'm obviously an expert). Multiple entries encouraged! Show me the weirdest book covers ever! Winner gets a book of choice from Book Depository $15 or under if you're in a country that gets free shipping.


As you're working on your reading challenge, pitch the weirdest books you read in a single tweet with the hashtag #weirdathon. At the end of the month, there will be a vote for the most compelling pitch and the winner gets a weird e-book bundle curated by yours truly! Keep writing pitches for the weird books you read for more chances to win AND to inspire other participants with your recommendations. We WILL find the weirdest book published this March.


The debates have begun! Every Wednesday you'll see two of your favorite book bloggers going head to head. They've each chosen a weird book and will argue to the death about which book is weirder. It's informative, it's intense, and it's pretty funny. Check back every week to see what book you should read next! Winner of the debate receives a weird e-book bundle I've curated.

There's still time to sign up HERE! The challenge ends March 31. Be sure to show us your TBR book stack by using the #weirdathon hashtag and posting your link HERE



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