Leaving for Japan

Leaving for Japan

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hey, everybody. I'm currently sitting in an airport waiting for my flight to Tokyo which is going to depart in an hour. I've never left the country before, so I don't really have any idea what to expect. I'm just so grateful to have the opportunity to visit a place whose language and culture I've studied for many years of my life (though off and on).

This is a journal I received ages ago (of course it's Tolkien-themed). I never used it, because I wanted it to be a travel journal. I've never left the country, though, and I haven't strayed that far from Minnesota. So it's blank.

I've always wanted to travel. I've done a ton of travel reading and learning about expat lifestyles. I've always felt restless when I feel too comfortable. Now I'm actually confronted with an experience where I'll undoubtedly be uncomfortable and confused a lot of the time. I'm about to get exactly what I want, and I'm interested to learn if how I see myself and my desires actually lines up with who I am. So, in short, this trip is a big deal to me for many reasons. Also, cat cafes.

I'll be going to Tokyo, then Kyoto (a much older city), then back to Tokyo before leaving. I'll be gone for two weeks. So the blog will be a little quiet with sudden random posts. There will maybe be one book review up within the next two weeks, but it will mostly be journals of my experience in a vastly different country from my own. Here's hoping some of the 700 kanji characters I've studied and learned before this trip will be helpful. Here's hoping I don't get too lost. Here's hoping I learn a lot. Here's hoping I surprise myself. I'm excited to fill my journal.

"Home is behind, the world ahead."


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