Top Ten Books on My Summer TBR

Top Ten Books on My Summer TBR

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Broke and the Bookish runs this business.

This summer I think I'm going to back off of new releases ever so slightly in order to get to books I've had on my to-be-read for longer. Here's what I plan to read this summer. But like I'm so fickle, who knows if this list will actually mean anything in a week. ALSO, there are some serious Illuminati patterns going on in how these books ended up arranged. WAKE UP, SHEEPLE.

1. // The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson - A quirky book about a family of performance artists that'll make me laugh? I need that.

2. // Fun Home by Alison Bechdel - Half of the reason why I need to read this is because the summer reading bingo card calls for a nonfiction graphic novel. The other half is because Alison Bechdel is the shit.

3. // In the House Upon the Dirt Between the Lake and the Woods by Matt Bell - I sort of meant to read this when it came out, OH WELL. A big book about some dark, dreamy, mythical stuff going down at a cabin? That says beach read to me.

4. // Oyster by Janette Turner Hospital - I talked about this before here, but I still intend to read about this fictional Australian outback cult leader ASAP.

5. // Girl at War by Sara Novic - Just won this in a giveaway run by Socratic Salon! I've only heard good things from like everyone who has ever read it, so I guess it's my turn.

6. // The Shadowed Sun by N. K. Jemisin - The first book in the Dreamblood series blew me away, and I'm not even a fantasy reader. I'm obsessed.

7. // When We Were Animals by Joshua Gaylord - I'm not sure if this is strictly horror, but in a small town adolescents run wild and destroy stuff during every full moon for a year. As someone who teaches children's summer camps, that is the most horrifying thing I have ever heard.

8. // The Vorrh by Brian Catling - I'm going to be real with you: I don't even understand what this book is about. Demons, angels, warriors, priests, cyclops, robots. I don't need to know what this is about.

9. // Tracks by Robyn Davidson - I'm super interested in Australia and I'd like to read more travel writing, so Tracks seems like a good place to go for that. And camels are kind of cool, I guess.

10. // Wild by Cheryl Strayed - Another book about an inspiring solo traveler! I've been meaning to read this since February and summer seems like an appropriate time. Especially because there might be some solo traveling in my future.

What's on your summer TBR? Are you more attracted to new releases or backlist you haven't had the chance to get to? Tell me!


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