Top Ten Tuesday: My Bookish Bucket List

Top Ten Tuesday: My Bookish Bucket List

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Broke and the Bookish runs this business.

I had never really thought about this week's topic before. I definitely have a bucket list (see David Bowie in concert, get a pilot's license, and live in another country). But I had never thought about one in a literary sense. Here goes nothing.

Things on My Bookish Bucket List

1. Work at a bookstore. This would be amazing. I mean I've heard horror stories about working at Barnes & Noble, but I don't even care. I'm friends with a bookstore owner, so maybe this isn't such a faraway dream.

2. Read a series. I've been thinking a lot about this, because I don't think I've ever completed one before. And I haven't even tried since I was in jr. high, probably. I don't know what I would read, but I'm interested.

3. Get comfortable writing reviews. I can do it. I can get it done. But I'm not sure if I have fun/feel confident about it. I had always been kind of anti-review before getting into book blogs, so I couldn't see myself writing one. I want to get better at it, though, because it definitely makes me think about the books I'm reading more.

4. Go to a book conference/expo. It sounds like a dream. That's all.

5. Get into poetry. I just don't know where to start. Saying "I'm just not that into it" doesn't seem quite fair for an entire form of writing. That's like saying "I just don't like tv shows" or "I just don't like lunch."

6. Make a book blogging friend. I've certainly interacted with a lot of great people, and a lot of people whose blogging I admire. I'm still hoping for a friend I chat with regularly outside of comments. This makes me sound sad. I'm just TRYING TO BE HONEST ugh.

7. Win a writing contest/get published in a lit magazine. I've been working hard on a few short stories that I feel pretty good about. Fingers crossed.

8. Read Murakami in Japanese. I used to be really serious about studying Japanese. I almost went to school to study linguistics and Japanese. Going to school for something completely different has kind of made me lose my focus on learning Japanese. Entirely. But one day I want to become fluent enough to read something written by Haruki Murakami in the original Japanese. That thought motivates me to keep trying.

9.  Climb Mt. Doom. Or should I say Mt. Ngauruhoe in New Zealand. The movies were filmed at a real place in real life and I need to go to there.

10. Do visual effects for the inevitable Silmarillion movie. I don't want to say I went to film school just because of Lord of the Rings, but I went to film school just because of Lord of the Rings. They made The Hobbit into a film, which was sort of surprising. They turned it into three films, which was really surprising. So is a Silmarillion movie really that unlikely at this point? Or seven Silmarillion movies? Hire me to work on it, Weta. There's nothing that I'd like more than to bring Tolkien's writing to life. Truly.

What's on your bookish (or non-bookish) bucket list? Got any series or poetry recommendations?


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