A Day In My Life: A Nonsense Drama Of The Ages

A Day In My Life: A Nonsense Drama Of The Ages

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

You guys are so lucky. I decided that even though Trish's A Day in the Life event happened on the 27th, I wanted to do it anyway. If you like unreliable narrators and stream of consciousness, this log of my day is for you. It was Monday this week, and pretty typical (except I don't normally work as late or skip my classes). I hope you pick up some useful lifestyle tips. Feel free to replicate any part of my routine, it is very effective.

9:10 Wake up on my own somehow. Go to the bathroom before discovering there's no toilet paper in the room. What a telling start to this project. Take care of business, brush teeth.
9:25 Say a morning prayer to Patti Smith.

9:28 Only manage to do 12 push ups because I stopped doing them for 2 weeks over break.
9:30 Take a look at all the stuff I haven't done yet. Settle into my bed and get on Twitter while my computer's too slow to process what I want. Decide definitely not to go to class.
9:40 Check the chore chart (my roommate is L/yellow) to see how disappointed I should be for the rest of the day. Result: very disappointed.

9:50 Not sure what the 3D modeling homework is today, but start doing things anyway. Listen to book podcasts as I work.
ugh the trees won't render

so here's a screenshot w/ the shrubbery

11:30 Take homework break to write blog post.
11:50 Time to take a shower, do my makeup, get dressed.
11:57 Realize I have no clean towels. Grab the dry shampoo.
#nofilter #plentyofmakeup

12:25 Email teacher my lies.
12:50 Was about to leave for the grocery store and library until I realize my roommate took my library card. Sit back down and panic. Online chat with librarian to see if I can get books with my id & proof of address. I can.
1:30 I couldn’t. The librarian told me I needed an Illinois id. I was intimidated and sad. But then she called after me as I went to put my hold books back. I spun around in slow motion, tears streaming down my face to see that tears were streaming down hers as well. "I don't want to lose you," she said/she actually said if I could get a picture of my card from my roommate that would be fine. Proceed to text and call roommate desperately until he responded. All is well.
2:00 Get home with two COOL BOOKS. Only spent $27 at Aldi on food for 3 weeks. Put my shit away. Go to throw some laundry in.

2:20 Sit down on the couch with computer and raisins. Let what happens happen.
3:00 Stop sorting through emails or whatever people do on computers and go switch laundry. Come upstairs to make my first meal of the day.
3:10 Forget what I'm doing and start sorting my bookshelf. Listening to Rider Strong talk about books.
3:20 Start making dragon noodles.

4:00 Realize what time it is. Run and get my laundry. Hurriedly eat and box up food. Get my shit together. Get out of there by 4:18.
4:30 Realize I left the leftovers I intended to take to work at home. So typical. At least I look good. Read some A Little Life on the train. Saw my old roommate. Did everything in my power not to make eye contact. We said nothing.
4:55 Arrive at work with 5 minutes to spare. By the way, my work is sitting in a room at my school handing people hard drives and answering some questions. It is either very hectic or it is homework time. Phone mysteriously loses ability to send texts.
6:20 I have gotten very little done at work. Mostly just talking to my coworkers. Finally start working on the science fiction story I have due tomorrow.
6:26 A friend comes and INTERRUPTS my work to ask me about a 3D project that I should have worked a lot more on over spring break. Back to writing.
6:48 Began staring at nothing for 15 minutes. Feel overwhelming and crushing doubt about all of my choices, wonder how much homework I could get away with not doing without failing. Think about the Chipotle I ate yesterday and feel better about life. Continue writing science fiction story that I hate.
7:23 A student asked me a question I didn’t know the answer to. I sat quietly and waited for someone else to say something.
7:35 Realize I haven’t been doing anything for the past…oh, it’s only been 10 minutes. That’s a relief. Time for an apple sauce break. Bored. Flash accidentally goes off the first time I try to take a picture of my boring apple sauce. Coworker calls me out. I let her know that it is absolutely none of her business why I would take a picture of my apple sauce.

8:56 Decide to start writing science fiction story again instead of dicking around on the internet, which is what I've been doing.
9:36 How have I only had like 2 glasses of water today!! And I’ve only written 4 out of 10 pages needed for my homework oops.
9:42 Wonder if I’m caught up on Catfish. I am. Sad. Still not doing work really.
9:50 Finally leave work. Don't normally work later than 6:30.
10:40 Aaaand I'm home! I read A Little Life on the train. Once home, start skyping with the boyfriend. Eat a snack of canned tuna on saltines, because I'm a cat.
11:00 Lie in bed, Skype with bf, and continue to work on sci-fi story.
12:00 Just kidding I wrote one paragraph then I watched youtube videos. Time for bed!
1:00 Jk fell into the trap of watching a youtube documentary about polyamorous relationships. Time for bed!

Well, that's pretty much what a day looks like for me. If only you could see what I'm like interacting with people. It's a mess. OK THANKS FOR READING.

Were you on the edge of your seat? Was your heart racing? Let me know how alarmed you are in the comments!


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